I have moved 08/24/2010
Planing to keep on bloging on a diffrent page and on the off chanse that somone that knows this page stumbels upon me and wonders what I am up to, this is where I live now ^^ http://svein-otto-vesteng.weebly.com/
After a lot of work we did finally finish the movie, its far from my original idea but we at least finished it in time. All in this has been a learning experience teaching me many of the don'ts withing 3D animation.
And that concludes my time at Noroff as I move on to new things. I Made a lot of friends and had a lot of fun.
Having the camera as the customer seemed like a good idea in theory but it turned out to be a lot harder then I originally thought, not to speak about my failure to realistic camera movement but the fact that I had to hand a cup to the customer, we didn't have time to model a custom character for this so I had to use the Edgar model again with a different skin. 

I had Edgar focusing in the centre of the shot true the entire scene but I had to put it to the side because I had hidden the head of the replica Edgar and this was the only way to avoid showing the missing parts of the model.
But when the camera falls to the floor I snapped straight back into the original view without noticing myself, I only saw it after the movie was rendered.
So what have i learned? storyboarding is important, I think I should have worked more on the storyboards and maybe polished the animatic more to have a clearer plan for where the shot to go.
Originally we where talking about havig a sort of jazz sountrack to the game and ewryone seemd to be on board with that idea.

But after we ran in our separate directions and stopped talking to each other not only the style became different but also the  music.

I was looking for a Jazz soundtrack to use for my short but I couldn't fin anything fitting the scene, but instead of telling my group about this I went ahead and found some new music I felt fit better. 

It seems separately from me the others had the same idea, so because of the failure to communicate we made 4 shorts instead of a short film.

After having worked on this project I have learned how important group communication really is.
When designing the fantastic fast food chain known as drippy burger I can credit non other then Mr Jhonen Vasquez the creator of Invader Zim. I saw a episode several years ago that just stuck with me because of disgusting and creepy nature.
If you jump to 3:16 you see the burger shop that was the inspiration for Drippy burger. I forgot where I got the idea for the burger hat on Edgar but as it turns out I stole it from here.
When it came time to design the DVD cover for the movie I was really in my element. I have worked in a graphical department for a year and I have quite some experience working with designing brochures and the likes.

We decided to base the cover design on one of the earliest concept arts I had made.
Working with a few different covers as reference we ended up with this cover and I am Really happy with it.
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When it came time to get music for my last student film project ghost night, i ended up using music from the Tv Show Invader Zim
The reason I like using music from this show is the gritty and somewhat disturbing flavor a lot of the songs has to offer. I just think it compliments the look of the film. The music ended up only being used in my Drippy Burger Scene but i am quite happy with it.
We need a leader 06/14/2010
As we get closer to the end of the project I cant help but feel disappointed with the work we have been able to deliver. And I asked myself why this was, what was it that made our film less then it should have been?
Simple we don't have leadership, in this project we have all ended up running in different directions and produced 4 scenes that are animated differently rendered different and quite frankly looks to be from different movies.

What we should have done in the beginning of the project was to elect a leader that each weak gave the members different work assignments and deadlines, to late now but its a experience I will bring with me to future works.
Timing problems 06/14/2010
A thing I have learned about myself as a animator is that I am horrible at timing my animation. Thing either goes way to fast or way to slow.
I have decided to use more reference for my future projects as my lack of skill makes all of my work look crummy.
My original idea for the camera use in the Drippy burger scene was to have it incredibly static and boring to illustrate the boring atmosphere of having that job.
But since we had decided not give the customer a 3D model I had to animate the camera more to make it seem like the viewer was the camera in a way.

Always sad when original ideas don't work out but that's life